Fall 2018 anime ranked from Weakest to Strongest (Quick Summaries and Tumblr Links)

I watched eight anime during the Fall 2018 anime season (why did I watch so much I am filled with regret) and I’ve now written full length reviews for each of them (except one)! So here my personal rankings of what I watched from weakest to strongest. Each anime title links to my in-depth review of said series, so feel free to click! For all the reviews at once, please see my anime overview tag here. 

And remember, this is just my personal take, your mileage may vary.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill


The story of a special police force that deals with cases involving a dangerous drug that grants superpowers. It starts out promising as a fun buddy-cop romp with a colorful cast, but the series’ clumsy, half-hearted attempts at engaging with social issues and completely nonsense plot paired with a lack of attention and care towards its characters bring it down. It just began to drag at the end, and was a bit of a chore to finish.

Banana Fish (episodes 13-24)


The story of mild-mannered Eiji forming a close bond with dangerous gangster Ash while vicious enemies hound them concludes. I reallydebated whether to rate this the weakest just because there are SO many poorly done elements, so much yikes, and ending is so dumb, cruel and meaningless, but I have to admit it did a better job keeping me engaged than Double Decker did- I was never bored watching it and I wanted to see what was going to happen next. There are a couple resonant moments, but this is not a story that has aged well in a lot of ways, and the half-hearted modern paint job just rendered it a complete mess.

Ms Vampire who lives in my neighborhood


The adventures of a mild-mannered vampire, the human girl in love with her and friends. This show is pure cutesy fluff and not much more. It’s definitely nothing remarkable or even all that funny, but it was something to relax and turn my brain off to. There’s occasional light fanservice and a couple jokes that cross a line, but it mostly remains sweet and chill.

Ace Attorney Season 3

(Adaptation of the third wacky lawyer game. This wasn’t so much an in-depth review as a short post from my perspective as someone who’s a big fan of the games, I’m just including it because I’m a completist. Basically, it’s been fine, the flashback episode is good, I haven’t caught up with the current arc because it was boring).

Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-san


Pretty much exactly what the title says, a series of shorts about the trials of working in the manga section of a bookstore, narrated by a talking skeleton trying his best. A fun look at the inner workings of a bookstore and retail hell in general, deals a lot with international customers, fully shows the ridiculous things booksellers have to deal with but is always gentle and affectionate in its humor.

Golden Kamuy Season 2


The story of a Japanese war veteran and young Ainu girl encountering a lot of weirdos as they hunt for lost Ainu treasure continues. Golden Kamuy remains as wacky and compelling as ever. Though this season was very rushed and you could tell huge chunks of the manga were cut out, it does still manage to be entertaining and has a pretty explosive finale. Its far from perfect, but it’ll do during the interminable wait for the licensed manga volumes to drop.

Zombieland Saga


An anime where a girl wakes up one day to discover she’s died and become a zombie. Even weirder, a mysterious man wants her and other zombie girls to form an idol group.

This is a wacky comedy with a lot of (rotting, half-exposed) heart that celebrates the weirdness and individuality of its loveable cast of characters. It’s a ton of fun and I look forward to seeing more of these good zomnbie gals. The show is uneven at times, with the final arc in particularly having some holes in it, and I do have some concerns about directions it could take in the future. But it was a very nice time overall.

Bloom into You


This anime focuses on Yuu, a girl troubled by how she fails to feel the romantic passion that seems to come so easily to others. When another girl suddenly confesses love to her, she ends up being pulled into a very complicated relationship.

A gorgeous and heartfelt drama that explores identity, relationships and the trials and triumphs of being a teenager, especially a queer teenager. It takes an honest look at the messiness and insecurities of young wlw without objectifying or fetishizing, and also includes adult wlw. Just a top notch production all around and easily one of the best anime of the year.


Some of my Go-To Youtubers (reposted Patreon Post)

The $5 tier on my patreon allows people to nominate/vote on one post a month- about anything!  This is one of those posts, which I did on Tumblr back in September. Go to my patreon here to learn more.

I haven’t really gone DEEP into Youtube, but i do have a few channels I’m subscribed to or that I frequently visit I wouldn’t mind talking up. I’m a media analysis geek, as y’all can tell, so I love me some good video essays on pop culture, social issues and whatnot. Here’s some channels I visit and recommend if you share my tastes

Lindsay Ellis– She has a ton of thoughtful and funny examinations of media and pop culture trends. Her videos are well-researched, detailed and I learn a lot from them! Example: Her Hobbit documentary is especially of note, its worthy of being shown in theaters- I had no idea about the actors strike or any of that, but it’s fascinating. She also did a great piece on the Shape-of-Water-style “monster boyfriend” throughout the history of media and why marginalized communities in particular are drawn to that archetype.

Jenny Nicholson She has a great dry sense of humor and really takes on the weirdness of the internet and is excellent at eviscerating bad or mediocre movies. Unlike a lot of Youtubers, she’s not pretentious or pedantic about it- she can often get you to think about why these stories exist and how they can be improved. Example: Recently she did a video of some of those silly “dark rituals” they post on the Internet, I cracked up through the whole thing. She also destroyed The Greatest Showman in a satisfying way that I appreciated after being forced to see it.

Sarah Z-She has some really thorough and thoughtful essays on the kind of media I’m interested in. She’s especially good at explaining some of the social criticisms and breaking down why the concerns of *deep voice*SOciAL JuSticE WaRriors can be worth listening to.  I’m often nodding along, but occasionally I learn something new. Examples: She completely eviscerated Riverdale and the Heathers reboot in a satisfying way and recently did a good comparison of the Series of Unfortunate Events adaptations. She also has a good breakdown on what is and isn’t “queerbaiting”.

ProZD: I post his stuff a lot on here, so it shouldn’t surprise you. Very funny skits about important subjects like anime, video games and cats. A lot of geekery to be found here, and I enjoy how he handled Q and A’s too.

Press Buttons ‘n Talk– My fave Lets Play channel. ProZd and Manky are both incredible voice actors and have bought me to tears of laughter on several occasions. Anne Marie’s always a blast too. Example: an entire, voice acted lets play of the first two Ace Attorney games, I’ve introduced people to the series via these, they’ve been invaluable. I also recommend the Hamtaro playthrough.

Gibi– My go-to ASMR person. She has a very soothing voice and does a lot of fun role-play skits based in various fandoms (a lot of anime) and its a good way for me to calm down.  Her Team Rocket skits are genuinely funny, she clearly adores the characters.

Honorary mentions:

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Summer 2018 anime from Weakest to Strongest (Quick Summaries and Tumblr Links)

I watched six anime during the Summer 2018 anime season and I’ve now written full length reviews on tumblr for each of them! So here my personal rankings of what I watched from weakest to strongest. Each anime title links to my in-depth review of said series, so feel free to click! For all the reviews at once, please see my anime overview tag here.

I wouldn’t call any of the anime on this list bad, nor would I give any a blanket anti-recommendation for any of them. It’s just some of these series were weaker than others in my opinion and there’s ups and downs and things to warn for. Hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Banana Fish (episodes 1-12)

Eiji meets a seventeen-year-old gangster named Ash Lynx on a trip to New York and is quickly pulled into a world of violence and conspiracies.

When we judge this series as an adaptation, its definitely the weakest thing I watched, because the modern update of this 80s manga is almost entirely superficial and that can be quite jarring. We’re supposed to believe this is set today, but the narrative is extremely 80s and some of the conversations the characters have don’t make much sense in a modern setting. Though the story is something that’s fascinating and valuable taken in the context of its place in the history of shoujo manga, removing it from that context doesn’t do it any favors.

There’s charm to both the characters and the sweetness of the romantic relationship between Ash and Eiji, but a lot of the content is both endlessly and melodramatically tragic and also potentially triggering. Definitely be prepared for a TON of rape, csa, abuse, violence and murder if you watch this.

Phantom in the Twilight

Bailieu Ton arrives in London expecting an exciting college life, but instead ends up on a quest to rescue her best friend who has been kidnapped by demons. She finds allies in a gang of supernatural young men who were acquainted with her magically powerful great-grandmother.

While the plot is mediocre and the animation even moreso, this series shows its value in being an otome story that has a truly awesome leading lady. Ton is dynamic, self-possessed, has a strong friendship with another girl and she kicks a TON of ass. She has a fun relationship with her squad of boy-toys and is always on equal footing with them and the few times any of them try to act controlling they are called out hard.. So if you want a reverse-harem story/paranormal romance that features a more active heroine and jettisons the more toxic tropes that pervade the genre, this is a good choice, even if the narrative itself is nothing to write home about.

My Hero Academia (episodes 52-63)

Izuku Midoriya continues his quest to become the greatest superhero and takes his hero provisional license exams.

This is probably among the weakest arcs MHA has had so far, though it still has its fair share of entertaining and worthwhile moments, not to mention one truly excellent episode. The characters introduced at the very end of the season have potential too. Mostly it was an enjoyable enough watch, but definitely didn’t live up to the high-stakes thrills of the arc before it.

Cell at Work!

Anthropomorphized cells do their best to keep the body they inhabit alive and well.

This is an extremely cute edutainment show. It’s nothing mindblowing, and the narration can be a bit much, but if you want an adorable, fun time that teaches you a little something about the human body, this is a good choice. Also I want to marry NK Cell.

Planet With

Soya Kuroi is an amnesiac boy living with with a weird cat monster and a cheerful but mysterious girl dressed like a maid and his life gets even stranger when he’s told to jump in a giant robot and  fight the local superheroes.

These 12 episodes contained more plot and climatic moments than a lot of anime has in 50 episodes and despite the breakneck pace and huge amount of events packed in, it was extremely cohesive and solid story throughout. The characters were lovable and varied, there was a loft of thematic heft to the series exploration of pacifism and freedom vs justice and security, it was goofy and weird while also being emotional heartbreaking at times…I definitely recommend this show. It’s the full Wacky Space Mecha Anime experience in a compact package. Also, it has cool ladies.

Revue Starlight

Karen Aijou is doing her best at her Takarazuka theatre school, only for everything to change when her childhood friend Hikari suddenly transfers in. She follows Hikari down a mysterious elevator and discovers her friend is engaged in a bizarre swordfight competition to become the “Top Star”, preceded over by a talking giraffe.

If you love Takarazuka, theatre, sword fights,lesbians, weird metaphors, Revolutionary Girl Utena and other Ikuhara work or all of the above, I definitely recommend this show.. The series surreally and smartly explores Takarazuka, show biz and adolescence with lots of creative, beautifully animated musical fight scenes and contains a lot of twists and turns along the way. While I think it could have stood to be a bit longer, more in-depth and bit stronger with its characters, it’s definitely a series that’s fun to analyze and I’ve enjoyed a lot of the discussion that’s come out of it (see some linked in my review). Strap in for a wild ride and enjoy one of the Top Stars of the season.

Spring 2018 Anime Overview: Quick Summaries and Tumblr links

I watched six anime during the Spring 2018 anime season and I’ve now written full length reviews for each of them. So here are the anime I watched, ranked from weakest to strongest with the titles linking to my in-depth review of each series on tumblr. For all the reviews at once, please see this post here.

Believe it or not, I wouldn’t call any of the anime on this list bad- it was all enjoyable to a degree and I wouldn’t anti-recommend any of it. However, there were ups and downs with each one, and some of these series were weaker than others in my opinions, so I’m here to talk about why! Hope you enjoy and find it useful!

Click on the title of each anime to see my detailed review/overview of the series!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episodes 14-22)


I’m sorry, Sakura, but I have no choice. I have to bite the bullet and admit it.

I did enjoy the second half of the Clear Card anime, in which our eponymous magical girl continues to protect the town from enchanted cards. It continued to be cute and pleasant and I’m all about the adorable and wonderful arc with Meiling, but if I’m honest, it was the weakest anime I watched this season. It was all poor pacing and zero payoff. The last episode had a big climactic reveal that finally allowed the main character to know who is messing with her life…then promptly undid it so she knew nothing again. Such a cheap move means I have to admit this was a weak season.

Doesn’t mean I won’t watch the next one though.



A classic-style boxing show set in a near-future dystopia, where scrappy underdog Joe fights to rise to the top.

Toward the end, I kinda started wanting to rank this one last, but while in my heart I’m all “eh” because it’s Not My Thing, in my head I know it’s a solid production that’s more cohesive overall than Clear Card was. The show started out with the potential to explore some strong character arcs and social themes, but kind of dropped all that for a by-the-numbers boxing story that lacked any real punch, if you forgive the pun. However, the soundtrack and aesthetic were top notch.

Golden Kamuy


In the aftermath of the Japanese-Russo War, veteran Sugimoto teams up with an Ainu girl named Asirpa to pursue dangerous criminals in the name of revenge and a golden reward.

This is a great, pulpy story full of fun characters and entertaining beats that will actually educate you about history and a marginalized culture while you have a good time! I would have ranked this one higher if it wasn’t so disappointing visually compared to its manga source material. While the show is great, the manga is a better experience overall, with a more thorough story and gorgeous art. However, I’m grateful to the anime for introducing me to this story, and if you can’t get ahold of the manga, definitely check out the show (though read my review to know what you’re getting into, content-wise).

My Hero Academia Season 3 (Episodes 1-13)


Izuku Midoriya continues training to follow in his idol’s footsteps to be the world’s greatest superhero, but things are thrown into chaos when villains invade their school training camp and take one of the students captive.

My Hero Academia’s flaws remain, such as poor treatment of female characters at times and the one character who remains an annoying black hole with no purpose but to aggravate me…but it also delivers some of its strongest episodes yet. The action is just incredible, gripping and visually striking. The emotions run high and hit hard. The character dynamics remain strong and great to watch as everyone continues to be tested. We get some real revelations and game changing moments and even civilian parents get their chance to shine. And it has one of my favorite tropes: Wacky Disguises.



A yakuza member’s life is thrown into chaos when he’s forced to adopt a superpowered girl and deal with her bizarre friends and acquaintances.

This pitch-perfect comedy offers wacky family dynamics, weird situations and subverts expectations at every turn. The cast of characters is varied and entertaining and serious issues like homelessness are actually touched upon with care and sympathy. The show can tug at your heartstrings one second and make you cackle the next and it thankfully never crosses any lines with its cast of young girls. One of the best shows of the season for sure.



A mild mannered red panda tries to navigate a crappy job and vents her rage through death metal in private.

This is probably tied with Hinamatsuri strength-wise (and Hinamatsuri’s animation is more detailed, though I think Aggretsuko’s simplistic style works for it) but on a personal scale it edges over it just slightly because the biting criticism of modern society it offers is exactly my jam. The show tackles issues like sexism in the workplace, suppression of the true self in the name of conformity, corporate exploitation of workers and societal expectations for romance. And it does it all in a funny, cute way that is just super relatable, especially to millennials. It offers hope while acknowledging that change is often slow and hard. And it offers a great range of characters who show surprising depth at times. I’d rec this anime to anyone and I’m very glad it exists! (even if its ultimate goal is to sell us Sanrio toys.)

I got an article published on Anime Feminist!

A quick update to this blog to say my article for Anime Feminist has been published at long last!

From Evil Twins to Monthly Girls: The evolution of mangaka Izumi Tsubaki

I’m so happy to be able to do an overview of this mangaka’s fascinating career and works. I don’t think enough people know about her, so if this could spread awareness even a little, I’d be extremely happy. The way Tsubaki messes with and lampoons gender roles in a comic fashion is an endlessly interesting and complex subject, and I wasn’t able to fit in a lot of things I wanted to, but hopefully this serves as a good introduction to her work.

Words can’t describe how happy I was to be able to contribute an article to Anime Feminist. I absolutely love the work the website does and have been following their articles and podcasts with enthusiasm. Working with them was one of the most pleasant and professional experiences I’ve had as a freelance writer. Actually being communicated with about the process, having an editor care enough to work with me directly and discuss things that really improve the article, being paid a fair wage for my work…well, it’s unfortunately a rare experience in this business. I was glad to be able to have it for once.

If you haven’t heard of the website I encourage you to check out their content and support them- they make a real effort to run an honest, transparent business and provide an interesting range of content to boot. It’s very rare to have online businesses that treat writers with the respect we should have as professionals, so we should definitely support the few that make the effort.

I hope I can work with the site again soon!

As for this blog, I’ll try to update it a bit more often. I’ve done a lot of writing over on Tumblr I should at least organize on here!

Winter 2018 Anime Overview: Quick Summaries and Tumblr Links

Gosh, remember how I was just watching 3 anime last season and was so proud of my restraint? Well I binged 3 at the tail end of the season and 1 at the beginning so…it ended up becoming 7.

So here are the Tumblr links to the reviews/overviews I did of all 7 of the Winter 2018 anime for my seasonal anime overview.

This season’s anime ranking is a little unusual in that I’m not even going to try to be objective and just rank anime from “not to my taste” to “to my taste” rather than “worst” to “best”. That’s because I wouldn’t call any of the anime on here completely “bad” from an objective standpoint- all of it is well put-together and has SOME objective worth. It’s just that some of it reeeeeallly didn’t click with me and some of it did. There’s also some (cough CCS cough) I couldn’t bear to give a low ranking even though I objectively should and some I can’t give a high ranking despite the fact it probably deserves it because I’M STILL SO GOSHDARN SALTY ABOUT THE ENDING (…guess who). So I’ll note when that’s the case. Let’s dive into the very biased breach!

Click on the title of each anime to see my detailed review/overview of the series!

Devilman Crybaby


Your typical teenage boy merges with a demon but keeps his human heart, shenanigans ensue.

This anime did some innovative things with the source material and definitely had some technical merits and interesting themes. However, its weak first half, its exploitative and muddled handling of sexuality and its generally dour atmosphere meant that it really wasn’t to my taste, even though it was certainly an experience. On an objective list, it might get a higher ranking, but this is my list and this is the anime I had the hardest time watching.

The Ancient Magus Bride (Episodes 13-24)


A traumatized girl is taken in by an monstrous and magical guardian.

This half of the series had some really high highs, especially episode 22, which was a beautiful tale of the protagonist coming to terms with her abuse and trauma. However, it also had the lowest low of the series- the final episode basically threw away the extremely serious, fascinating conflict the series had been carefully building up to and jarringly glossed over it, treating it like some cute misunderstanding when it involved things like the attempted murder of children. It also shrugged off and excused the very toxic elements in the main relationship that the story had taken pains to highlight earlier. From both a narrative and emotional perspective, it was just terrible and it undid all the good character work the series had been doing before then.

If this series had ended at episode 22 I would have ranked it my second or third favorite of the season. But the terrible ending means I can’t look back at this series without feeling frustrated. Objectively, it should still be a slot or two higher than it is, but I’m just too salty, guys! I can’t do it.

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (Episodes 1-12)


Sakura’s returned and she’s collecting magical cards and fighting for justice once again!

In an objective ranking, this would probably be dead last, because while AMB and DC made some major stumbles, they were at least ambitious and creative. Meanwhile CCS Clear Card is content banking off nostalgia and playing it safe. But you know what? I still enjoyed it. It’s cute, it’s sweet, it doesn’t make me angry or skeeved, it gives me the warm fuzzy feelings and I have a lot of fun liveblogging it. And even if it’s dragging its feet with the plot and focusing way too much on food, I’m intrigued with what it’s building up to and I’m glad to see these great characters again.

Laid Back Camp


A girl learns about the joys of camping through a classmate and joins the outdoor activities club.

This is a solid and relaxing slice of life show that treats its characters with respect. It also has a gentle sense of humor. However, it never really delivered the moments of awe and emotional connection that I really need to get invested in a narrative.

Violet Evergarden


A former child soldier decides to learn about emotions and love by working for a company that composes writes heartfelt letters on behalf of others.

This show has absolutely stunning visuals, top notch production values and incredibly strong standalone episodes. The episodes that focus on grief, loss and the power of words will leave you a wreck of tears. However, anything involving the overarching plot of the war and the main character being a former child soldier is clunky and heavy handed. It’s an extremely uneven narrative with some serious flaws, but it’s definitely worth checking out. I warn that one episode depicts an engagement/impending marriage of a 14 year old and 24 year old.

How to Keep a Mummy


A young boy adopts a small, mysterious mummy as a pet and his friends also encounter fun-sized fantasy creatures.

This is just the cutest, sweetest darn show and it will drown you in the warm fuzzies. Most people would rank Violet Evergarden higher than this, but I just love these adorable characters and their charming pets so much. Plus, this show has a more even and solid narrative. It maintains a consistent tone and does what it sets out to do- which is deliver the cute and the feels- very well. While a wholesome watch, it also has enough interpersonal conflict and character growth to stay interesting, as well as hints of lore and worldbuilding for the cadre of fantasy creatures. I want more!

A Place Further than the Universe


Four girls go on an expedition to Antarctica and one of them is searching for her missing mother.

This show deserves the number one spot on this list from both an objective and personal taste standpoint. It’s the best anime I watched this season, no caveats. The narrative is grounded and genuine, the characters are lovable, complex and developed with care, the visuals are consistently beautiful, the show is well researched and well written, the resolutions it provides to its conflicts are generally smart and unexpected The series ends very strongly on a truly tear-jerking and moving examination of grief, loss and growing up. I cried, you probably will too.

It’s really an incredible coming of age story, the kind even someone who doesn’t watch much anime can enjoy. It also focuses on a bunch of capable women and girls going on a scientific expedition and supporting each other through their adventure, which is always great to see.

My Favorite Epicstream Articles and Reviews

I was a regular on the entertainment website Epicstream for about two years, churning out article after article weekly. I wrote well over 200 articles for them (Maybe over 300 or 400…), covering reviews, list articles, news pieces and so on. I also created quizzes for them. I eventually got extremely burnt out and had to stop being a regular and turn my attention to other career paths. I still do the occasional article for them these days, but it’s rare.

Working there was hard. I learned a lot about the field and what my limits were. The commenters were predominantly very typical fanboys who didn’t like my progressive views and would often completely flip out at me for very silly reasons, so I came to stop reading the comments and it made me sad I couldn’t engage with my readers more. The job was more time consuming than it was profitable, and some of the stuff I did there was when I was completely exhausted and not my best work. I realized that this was not the right job for me- if I do ever turn my fandom blogging into a regular job/ source of income, it will have to be on my own terms, my own schedule, with my own audience that I cultivated.

Nevertheless, I think I did some good work there and there are some articles I did that say some really important things that I am really proud of. There’s some I put an incredible amount of research and time into. There’s some that are just plain fun and full of trivia I find interesting. I look back on them fondly, thinking of all the things I learned.

So here’s an overview of my favorite Epicstream articles out of the hundreds I did- the ones I think were the most informative and solid, the most important ones and the ones I was most passionate about. I hope people who read this post enjoy this look at my past work and get something out of these articles that I put my heart and soul into.


Out of All the articles I ever did for Epicstream, these are the ones I’m most proud of.

Feature Detail

The Influence of Magical Girls on Western Animation

This was my first feature article for Epicstream and it dealt with a subject near and dear to my hear: magical girls. It delved into the influence the magical girl genre has had on the West, talking about shows like Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil and Miraculous Ladybug and it talked about the positive things this means for Western media. I love seeing a lot of girl-positive things about Magical Girl works carrying over to Western media and the way the tropes are played with through cross-cultural exchange and I think my article does a pretty good job capturing all that. The companion piece, 6 Essential Stories for Understanding the Magical Girl Genre talks about some important series in magical girl anime.Feature Detail

4 Examples of Social Allegories in Fantastical Fiction: The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

This was a shortened and more accessible version of my thesis that I did for grad school. It examines the way sci-fi and fantasy uses magical races and aliens/tales of the future as metaphors for racism, sexism, anti-semitism and homophobia- the works of J.K. Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. LeGuin, Octavia Butler and the abysmal Save the Pearls book are my examples. I talk about the pros and cons of fantasical allegories and how they can go horribly right or horribly wrong. I also talk about the “reverse-opression stories” (stories that show a world where the oppressors and the oppressed are flipped) and the unfortunate implications of them, as well as the rare well-done example.  I’m proud of this one, as I think it covers a lot of ground and gives a fair overview of the subject and this presentation even made my professor say I should go into teaching!

Feature Detail

The History and Importance of Girls’ Manga

This was a piece I’d been intending to do for a long time. I’d often heard shoujo manga being dismissed, stereotyped and denigrated because it was media by women aimed at women and it really ground my gears, especially after looking into the history of shoujo and seeing how revolutionary and groundbreaking the women who defined the multigenre were. This article rebuts ridiculous claims like “action and sci-fi shoujo aren’t a thing” and gives a quick, simplistic overview of seminal shoujo artists and how they impacted anime and manga as a whole- many of your favorite shonen anime wouldn’t exist without them. It may not be perfect, but I think it says some important things and that the call to respect the women behind shoujo manga is one that needs to be answered. The companion piece 13 Action-Packed Girls’ Manga with Awesome Leading Ladies shines a spotlight on shoujo that contains lots of action alongside dynamic, strong-willed female leads.

Feature Detail

5 Incredible Sagas of Fandom Scams and Deception

This is an article I’m really proud of because I have seen the overview I gave of the scammer Andy Blake’s history being praised as a resource and being used to warn potential victims about him- for example, in this tumblr post– and I am really glad to some I wrote doing some good and helping people protect themselves from a dangerous person. I put a ton of work and research into this article and that section especially because I wanted to be fair and accurate, so I’m glad to see it was worth it.

It’s also pretty notable because it’s the only piece someone threatened legal action on- that’s why there are only four pages despite the “5” in the title. There was a section of the article about an artist who was allegedly impersonating someone else and well…that artist got mad, and sent a copyright notice accusing me of plagiarism of her words and unfair image use. The image use is a gray area (and a rookie mistake on my part), but the plagiarism claim was definitely not true, as all I did was paraphrase what she wrote (I did not copy anything) and linked back to her words as a source. However, Epicstream naturally has a “better safe than sorry” policy so the whole section was deleted. I’m fairly sure I would not have been threatened with legal action had the article been complementary to the person in question.


I believe representation and examination of social biases in media is important, so naturally I did a few articles in that vein. As you can imagine, the internet was not happy, but I think most of them were pretty solid.

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